Thursday, September 12, 2013

Big Cartel Store

For the time being I have set up a Big Cartel shop for purchasing prints. I plan on having t-shirts and other stuff in the new year. I'll be adding more prints over time but for now these are currently available.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Print 1
Episode 1


(This is the smallest print, about 10 by 13 before I started doing the strips larger. The other prints fall between the 15 by 19 height depending on dimension of page)

Print 2


Print 9

The Coffin Backpack

Print 3
Witch Poem


Print 4

Print 5
Tears Afire


Print 6
House of Bats Pg. 1

Print 7
These Panels Are Haunted

Print 8
Witch Sisters
(This print is darker then in person then on the backlit computer but I think prints beautifully on the velvety paper)

Print 10


Edgar Allan Poe

Postcards are $7 for a set of six 
$3 dollars shipping